Family Pictures 8

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Probably the only Nativity with a Pirate in it. (December 2005)

Taylor and Josh in their Home Depot aprons. (January 2006)

Family Hiking in Brighton. (July 2006)

Another picture of the family hiking in Brighton. (July 2006)

Taylor and Josh having a war between the vehicles and the people/animals. (Summer 2006)

Trevor and Clytie at the cabin in Brighton. (Summer 2006)

Taylor & Josh eating breakfast in front of the cabin in Jackson Hole. (Summer 2006)

Taylor & Josh once again making faces. (Summer 2006)

Taylor, Clytie, Taylor & Josh hiking in Snow Canyon. (Fall 2006)

Taylor playing soccer. (Fall 2006)

Taylor with his karate instructors. (Fall 2006)

Taylor & Josh ready to go play in the snow. (Winter 2006)

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