Family Pictures 7

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Josh at his birthday party turning two. (April 2005)

Taylor at his school program. (May 2005)

Trevor camping at Four Lakes Basin in the Uintahs. (August 2005)

Trevor by the fishing spot near the waterfall. (August 2005)

Trevor fishing. (August 2005)

Trevor, Clytie, Taylor, and Josh at the zoo in California. (Summer 2005)

Trevor and Josh flying a kite at the beach. (Summer 2005)

My entire family at the beach. (Summer 2005)

My entire family at the zoo. (Summer 2005)

Taylor buried in sand. (Summer 2005)

Josh boogie boarding. (Summer 2005)

Taylor boogie boarding. (Summer 2005)

Taylor finding his way out and Josh finding his way into a pit. (Summer 2005)

Us at the beach house. (Summer 2005)

Taylor with a sea shell. (Summer 2005)

Taylor and Josh at the beach. (Summer 2005)

Trevor and Clytie at the beach. (Summer 2005)

Josh and Taylor eating grapes. (October 2005)

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