Family Pictures 5

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Taylor and Josh in my parents backyards. (Summer 2004)

Taylor and Josh part 2 in my parents backyard. (Summer 2004)

Taylor fishing (successfully) with his cousin in Jackson Lake. (August 2004)

Clytie and Josh hiking in Brighton. (July 2004)

Me on the same hike. (July 2004)

Mud fight at Lake Powell.....I lost. (Summer 2004)

Sand castle at Lake Powell. (Summer 2004)

In the mountains with our friends. (Summer 2004)

Josh building a sand castle at Lake Powell. Future architect? (Summer 2004)

Taylor on a horse in Jackson Hole. (August 2004)

Taylor on a hike with mom and dad in Brighton. (Summer 2004)

Taylor at Twin Lakes on a hike. (Summer 2004)

Taylor pulling his silly face. (Summer 2004)

Taylor is the most animated kid I know. (Summer 2004)

Taylor eating a roasted marshmallow. (Summer 2004)

Taylor hunting for Easter eggs. (Easter 2004)

Taylor showing his home depot project. (Spring 2004)

Trevor camping with friends in the Uintahs (Four Lakes Basin - Dean Lake in the background). (Summer 2004)

Trevor camping with friends (Four Lakes Basin). (Summer 2004)

The most dreadful hike EVER!!!!!! Miles and miles of boulders. (Summer 2004)

This is Thompson Lake - Is this seriously the destination? (Summer 2004)

We found the remains of a plane wreck while camping (Jean and Dean Lake in the background). (Summer 2004)

Clytie hiking Sunset Peak (Catherine, Martha, Mary, and Silver Lakes in the background). (Summer 2004)

Clytie skiing at Lake Powell. (Summer 2004)

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